Moto Boy – Too Young To Know

in the night of your eyes I am lost I am paralyzed I ask myself but I am ill adviced Is it real or do I fantasize at the end of your street with a knife and a heartbeat I am back where I belong when Im back in your arms I wanna close my eyelids but all I see is your face what does it matter if it´s sane for me when all I want is your insanity high on desire I’m a silent fire burning in my fingertips I wanna die on your lips too young to know baby we were too young to know to the light of your eyes I can never get close enough don´t wanna dream of what we used to be ´cause baby you can´t kiss a memory they tell me I shouldn’t bother it´s a game like the others but I am lost and Im confused its not a game if there´s nothing to lose too young to know is it love, is it hurt baby we will never know we were too young to know

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