How to get the Nobel Prize!

AlfredNobel2Well, now I know how to get the Nobel Prize!

– Be persistent and do not give up, despite everyone is laughing at you and think you’re completely insane. When you think you are crazy yourself, continue anyway.

-Guess, and hope you guess right because it takes at least 5-20 years to realize if you guessed right. Some never realize it. Continue guessing for if billions of people guess at least one is right.

– Dare to make mistakes. Over and over again until you do it the correct mistake and then also realize that it is the right one…
Do not make the same mistakes again, but make new ones all the time and maybe it will be the right one in the end. Continue with the ”correct mistake” and spread it to others to see if they think it is the ”correct mistake”. Then maybe it is ?

– Believe in yourself! If you do not, make sure someone else does it for you or you have to have something else ‘whip or carrot ”you forward.

– Promote yourself! If you sit in the jungle and ”solve worldly problems and drink red wine every night” (Magnus Uggla, Astrologen) then of course it’s good but you will not receive a Nobel Prize.

Hmm, I  sit here and think about the mistakes I did´nt make. Guess after all, they are quite numerous. May well go on and think for a while, but on the other hand, I personally do not care about the Nobel Prize, so…

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