Michael Mosley runs an experiment to find the best way to beat stress


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Climbing Mount Neverest – not the Sisyphus way


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RCT – Round the Clock Training. Your new gym is your old car.

Your car as a gym and meditation in motion place. No need to stress to the gym as your daily excercise is allready done on the road…

I have ”invented” a method to reduce stress and increase both mental and physical health that I call RCT. (Round the Clock Training, in Swedish, Ratt Cirkel Träning/steering wheel excercise)

This is a great way to take a break in the car. Road rage and stress is a common problem that can be helpt by RCT.

Grip your steering wheel in meditation, not frustration.
Deep breathing, combined with static excercises will lower your blood pressure and increase your strenght, and harmony, both in life and traffic.

Jam time, training time

More info: http://www.RCTexpert.com

Totally free, as health and harmony should be

The system is based on 5 handpositions combined with static presseure in different directions.
Slowly counting to 10 or 20 or more depending on your wish and ability. Every deep inhale and exhale last for at least two seconds.

The steering wheel as base for RCT, I have also added som other static exercises for the whole body, and IHG (isotermic hand grip excercise) with a tennisball, that also can function as acupressure tool, plus some breathing excercises from the yoga tradition.

Think this is good for everyone but especially for professionals in the traffic.

With peace, love, harmony and a firm grip with both hands on the steering wheel. Taking deep breaths and enjoying the ride and life.

+46 709 22 88 77

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Cold showers

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Generation snöflinga/ snowflake.



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Kalla duschar och fördelar./ Cold showers and health benefits…



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Michael Patrick Lynch: How to see past your own perspective and find truth

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